Premium Non Binary Aura painting Custom

Premium Non Binary Aura painting Custom

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Digital aura painting

Have you ever wanted to see what your aura looks like? Well, here is your chance!

***I ask that you only buy this item for yourself, or your child 12 and under. Since it can be quite through, unless the person receiving the gift has given permission for their reading.***

What this package comes with:
- Digital time lapse video file high quality 1080p.

- Detailed custom written reading of each chakra, the outlying energy field, and the background.

- Printed copy and digital copy of the written portion.

- 16x16inch canvas print, signed and ready to hang right on your wall.

Note: the artist reserves the rights to reproduce the original art piece at their own discretion. The files sent to the purchaser may only be used for individual personal use.

How long it takes:
The whole process can take up to 5 weeks in order to create your premium custom aura painting.

What I need from you:
I ask that you upload a recent photo of yourself, the more recent the better. full body or selfie doesn't matter, what ever you feel most comfortable with!  Please be sure its just you, pets and kids are okay as they often hang out in our aura field any way. Just no group photos.