Frequently Asked Questions

If I want to choose a masculine or feminine figure will that change how my energy is read?
It won't change a thing, the figures are only there to provide a base of understanding for the physical body. What ever figure you feel most comfortable choosing is absolutely the correct one for you!

How can you paint my energy with out meeting me?
I go into the astral plane/psychic field and pull in your energy the photograph attached to the order acts as a bridge for me to work off of. I have practiced psychic work for about 10 years, this is the space I enter into when I do healings for people. But instead I am just analyzing energy and translating it into art.

What if I'm in a dark place in my life right now, will that effect my aura?
Your aura does change over time, and in general can be effected by what your current state of self is. Though with that being said, I find dark times can be the best time to get your aura analyzed as it provides deep insight as to what your blocks are and why. I also offer some tips and tricks that are channeled just for you. With any aura reading I will also be able to highlight your strengths, offering empowerment/insight to help you get through what ever rough patch you are in.

What kind of things do you pick up on when doing an aura painting?
I look at many aspects of the individual, and of course it depends on the person I am channeling as we are all so incredibly unique. But outside of the chakra, aura, energy field, I also like to see what spirit guides are around, what past life or ancestral energy I am able to pick up on.  Again it all depends on the individual, but some times some surprises pop up!

Can I get an aura/channeled painting for a friend/family member?
Yes, but please be sure that you have their permission at first as the aura reading/breakdown can be quite invasive. At times I do find trauma, built up energy patterns, etc. They need to be comfortable with that, plus with out permission it makes it very hard for me to read their energy. Though with all of the being said, those who have purchased aura paintings as gifts have had wonderful results with friends/familys reactions!